Below is a version history for Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design (DHex) software:


+ Maintenance release addressing software licensing on new activation server
+ Added license information screen can be accessed from Help menu


+ Software upgrade to Microsoft dot Net 4.6 Framework
+ New user interface
+ Added pumping power calculation
+ Add your own Nusselt correlations to use in software calculations
+ Added Unit converter includes 23 measurements units with 200-unit conversion
+ Added Input Consistency check – to reduce input errors related to decimal point separator
+ Some enhancement to results display
+ Added Re-Save feature faster saving for edited files
+ Added ability to enter heat transfer coefficient on both inner pipe side and outer pipe side
+ Ability to enter Heat Duty
+ Ability to calculate unknown exit temperatures on both sides or any two temperatures on both sides.
+ Ability to add multiple cases to one results grid.
+ Ability to add heat transfer coefficients in a user database table and load it during calculation.
+ Added the following Nusselt number correlations:
– Petukhov and Popov
– Sleicher and Rouse
– Gnielinski
– Prandtl
– Modified Dittus-Boelter
+ Pressure drop friction factor chart under finned tube option has been removed and calculation of this friction factor is now done by the software
+ Enhance summary of results presentation

DHex v2.1.0.0

+ Added Ability to export results to Engineering Datasheet format (To Microsoft Excel)

DHex v2.0.0.0

+ Enhanced User Interface
+ Added support for WeBBusterZ Physical properties database
+ Added fouling factors
+ Fixed some small programming bugs

DHex v1.0.0

+ First release

DHex version history